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This is Marty... She is the smallest of my puppies weighing 7.5 lbs(Where did she come from... she is half the size of both parents!!!) Her mom is Dana and her dad is Bailey. I have been told that she is very loving, affecionate, laid back and kind...Her human mom thinks the world of her. Eileen said she is amazing, smart and pretty. As you can tell, she owns Eileen! They live in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Another great surrogate mom! Thank's for taking great care of Marty! Lisa


This was "Christina ". She was part of a breeding program in Montreal. Her last litter was a born on January 2nd, 2009. The Daddy was my boy Timmy. She was retired from the breeder's breeding program in March. The breeder asked me to find Christina a new home because the breeder was having some health issues. The Muise's came to see some of my puppies, but in a blink of an eye "Christina" stole their hearts! She has an awesome family, a new name to go with her new life as a pampered Empress. For some reason she refused to come to her old one! There's a Shih Tzu for you!
This is what they say about "Misty":
It is not easy to get a picture of Misty as she doesn't like to camera. We adopted her from Lisa when she was three years old. She was timid at first and really doesn't like to be alone. She is a very loving little girl and has brought us many hours of love and laughter. She loves to go for walks as long as it isn't raining or snowing.
John and Peggy Muise, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


" I cannot express the joy that our Shih Tzu, Quincy, has brought to our family since we bought him from Lisa at Furry Angels last March.  He is the perfect pet.  His temperament suits the family atmosphere with our three boys who thoroughly enjoy his companionship.  He is very outgoing, travels well, and has an overall wonderful disposition. 

Our first contact with Lisa resulted in a thorough interview to make sure we understood what was required in adding a puppy to the family. When we arrived in Bridgewater to pick up our puppy, she let our boys spend time with the new litter to pick a dog that suited them. In addition, Lisa answered our many questions about taking on this responsibility and we were reassured she would help us along the way, if necessary.  I would not hesitate to recommend a Shih Tzu from Furry Angels if you are thinking about adding a pet to your family."

The Carmichael familly, Sidney, Nova Scotia

"Kim and Michael came to visit us one Sunday morning. Luna caught Kim's eye and Lantz caught Michael's eye. They went home with the intentions of adopting Luna when  they contacted me again and told me they wanted the little man also! They are great people and had great references. I am happy and proud that my puppies are with them.  I wish them all the best with there new fur babies, Lisa "
Lantz Luna
Lantz - Out of our five dogs, Lantz has become our snow puppy.  He LOVES the snow.  He runs out, plops himself down on his belly and buries his nose.  We have to bribe him to come back inside.  He is a gentle boy, and loves to be cuddled, but is still very playful, even with the older dogs.  He is attempting to become top dog, but of course, isn't making much progress in that  His fur is gorgeous, soft and thick and he has a cute little snort when he sleeps.  He is doing very well at training, the simple commands like come and sit are obeyed almost every time. 
Luna - Luna is personality plus.  She is always happy, tail wagging no matter what.  She doesn't run, she bounces, it is the cutest thing I have ever seen.  Although she may have started her life out being "tipsy", she is anything but now.  She is by far the happiest and most playful dog I have ever  owned.  But being a little lady, she can be stubborn, and although I know she knows the commands, tends to take her time about doing them until SHE is ready!  She is the boss when it comes to Lantz.  Wherever she goes, he follows.  She loves to cuddle, but only for a time.  She has two speeds, full speed and full stop, and the full stop is normally only at night.
Michael D'costa and Kim Benoit, Hammonds Plaines, Nova Scotia

"This is China Doll, she was adopted by Bonnie Gautier from New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. Bonnie was another great prospect for one of my puppies. She drove down a few times to spend time with us and the puppies. She is a really nice lady. I am happy that she picked China to complete her family. Her family also includes an older Shih tzu named Brody... Thank you for choosing one of my puppies, Lisa"
China Doll


Penda came to live with me in December of 2008. I had the pleasure of seeing him grow up since he was 1 week old. As a puppy he got lots of attention from Lisa and her family, so when he moved in with me he was very well socialized. As a result, he loves absolutely everyone and is such a joy to take out in public and listen to everyone rant and rave about him. He is very very friendly and gorgeous as well. I can’t say Penda has made my life better but I can certainly say, “Penda has made my life”. He may be a tiny bit spoiled - I’m sure there is a toy out there someplace that he doesn’t have – not to mention his wardrobe of jackets, vests and bows, as well as his own car seat. He is such a joy to have – there are no words that would adequately state what Penda means to me.


Ina Whynott, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia


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